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notwarming After four decades in the business, the last two as a solo practitioner, I appreciate being recognized as an experienced marketing, advertising and graphic design professional.

I’ve learned what it takes to be a repeatedly effective marketeer, a compelling communicator and an award winning designer.  I can help you implement successful campaigns, offline and on, using a personalized blend of legacy and digital media, with an emphasis on social media if it truly suits your business and the market you serve.

By custom integrating all relevant channels of advertising, from e-commerce and social media, to super targeted local print and direct mail campaigns, it is reasonable to believe you can and will see your business improve… even in a tough economy.

Holistic? Synergistic? What’s wrong with common sense?

creative processDon’t be fooled by all of the buzzwords and jargon.  More often than not, they’re a tactic used to avoid the question and make the sale.

Together, using common sense and the data at hand, we will approach every project from a point of view that ensures all parts of your business are brought into the plan, so they integrate well with the vision and goals of a clear-sighted marketing campaign.

From management and administration to sales and customer service, I believe all of the pieces should work in harmony, delivering a memorable and motivating experience to your customer or client, while providing you with the best possible return on your investment.

In advertising, we refer to this as the call to action.

rixter_400I have the skills, experience and track-record to help you frame reasonable, achievable business communications goals, to devise a strategic plan and conduct a well conceived professionally executed campaign.

I urge you to check out my background, education and experience on my “About” page and then use the simple form in the sidebar to contact me. I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

“Good enough is good enough when it’s better than most people’s best.” – Lee Clow